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Scott and Co (Scott & Company) is a popular recovery firm based in Scotland that operates from the address of This site was devised back in the year 2000, with there being no information presented on the company history. Scott and Co are headed in Edinburgh, but they do have a range of other offices scattered across Scotland. What is noticeable about this company is that they are involved in an extensive range of sectors. On the consumer side, they are chasing up debts for creditors in financial, retail and utility markets. They also chase up debts for various Scottish Local Authorities for council tax arrears, parking fines and so on.

Scott and Co are CSA members and are marked here for a wide of range of catered services. The site is used to provide corporate data and to also take secure payments on the subdomain of Their listed contact number is 0845 345 8980 should you have any payment queries to make to them. The Scott and Co debt collection agency is popular online and one data source showed that they ranked just past the 100 mark for taking on the highest number of UK debts. If it is the case that they started out in the year 2000 then they have certainly come a long way in a short space of time.

Scott and Co