Channel 4′s The Repo Man |

Channel 4′s The Repo Man has been a popular program in 2013 that follows around Sean James (The Boss) and his team who work in the field of car repossession. Sean has recovered well over 60,000 cars over the years and at the height of his business was pulling in 20-30 cars daily. The company headed on the program is Donegal Investigations with this company having a site located at that was setup by Sean James back in 2011. The initial program showed the Donegal team recovering cars purchased on finance. In the second episode that actually aired earlier tonight they focussed on the recovery of cars that were secured as logbook loans.

Logbook loans have of course shown massive growth in recent years, since these loans are readily available to those with a bad credit history since the car is being used as collateral. The site looks to have been setup primarily to promote The Repo Man TV show. There has been a backlash to this show based on some of the thuggish recovery tactics shown on the screen where he is backed by his team who all appear to be ex-boxing champions. There has also been interest from the media with one particular The Sun article reporting on Sean James losing his debt collector’s licence a few years back due to his criminal record.

There has also been some discussions on various consumer debt forums regarding Donegal Investigations Ltd being a dissolved company. To answer that, I believe that they are actually active as Donegal Finance Ltd. I have personally enjoyed The Repo Man show myself and it will help to raise the awareness of running HPI checks. This is a problematic area in the growing logbook loan sector whereby innocent people are losing vehicles over logbook debts owed by previous owners. I also wasn’t aware that the logbook debt followed the vehicle rather than the customer. In the future, there will be some focus on car repossessions on such topics as the companies, the laws etc.

Channel 4's The Repo Man